soft supple skin for everyone!

If anyone else has made it onto the other side of the winter we just survived in Toronto Canada- Hallejuah!

Between the darkness, snow & dry skin I am at my wits end. Nevertheless I have found something after all these years that honestly has saved my skin not only from drying out but avoiding the red itchy rash that comes with the brutal winters in our city.

L’Occitane Almond Oil. To be used in the shower to scrub your body down- NO SOAP NEEDED. Rinse. Voila. Supple, Moisturized skin is yours.
l'occitane oil
Pricepoint: don’t have a heart attack.250ml $25.00 CDN
Refill: 500ml $34.00
l'occitane oil refill

Trust me on this one… life saving and worth a try. The dry red itch has disappeared from my winters. It’s so good that the bald sexy man had to get a bottle for himself.

If you prefer for an after shower rendezvous a Supple Oil is also available to lather in once dried off.
Again no heart attacks on price: 100ml $54.00 ( 50% almond oil)
The good news is at these prices you don’t need a ton to be moisturized and smelling divine.
supple skin oil for after shower

Until next time…. au revoir


Cake, Cake, Cake Beauty…

nothin like smelling like sweet deliciousness all day long!
Cake Beauty is a proud Canadian owned beauty company that offers a delectable line of body product. ( Toronto based)

Cruelty free naturally driven product is every girls dream. No animal testing. 100% vegan.
On a personal note I have known Heather Reier for over 10 years and I still love her stuff- friend or not.
She personally tests and plays with formulas to ensure we are getting exactly what she envisioned.

After 10 years of using this stuff I feel like I can honestly tell ya its better then ever before this line.
Recently I grabbed a bunch of stuff- because I was going to have to buy it anyway at a large chain so why not Cake Beauty… and Heather has definitely NOT disappointed.

The Wave Maker: OMG. beach tousled hair in minutes. Doesn’t damage my hair. Non sticky. Don’t have to wash our everyday. Keeps the boys swooning (handsome bald man’s fave look) $19.00 CDN.
FYI: this comes in a travel size too!

The Locksmith Hydrating Dry Conditioner Spray: very necessary and fantastic. It’s literally a blow out in a bottle… no joke. Heather had actually posted her routine ( because FYI this Chiquita has epic hair)- and I follow it every night.
brush your hair out.
spray this deliciousness into it.
put your hair in a bun.
go to sleep.
BOOM! best hair I have had in my entire life. so easy, low maintenance and I look amazing. $19.00 CDN

Rollerball Eau de Parfum: small. throw in my purse. Refresher. a few different fragrances. $12.00 CDN.

The best part is after 10 years I am still excited and amazed there is always something new with this company.

cake body butter

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WARBY PARKER…. Best pair of glasses I have ever owned!

Constantly on a quest to find the hippest coolest glasses as someone who has to wear prescription glasses DAILY now… I stumbled upon Warby Parker in a meeting at work. The cutest coolest chick in the office was wearing such a great pair of glasses I had to ask her.. WARBY PARKER! And she had bought them online. Right away I hesitated but she proceeded to tell me they have a full refund guarantee within 30 days and there are actual stores scattered across the city if you need to walk in.

Well…. the love affair began.
1) I got the coolest glasses I have ever owned for $150. CDN . YES! Finally I don’t have to go broke to see and be cool.
2) For every pair purchased a pair is gifted to someone in need. Honestly- doesn’t get any better.
3) All done online – I measured my pupillary distance with a credit card, scanned my prescription and off to the races… that easy.

The eyewear industry is dominated by a single company that as been able to keep prices artificially high while reaping huge benefits from the consumer that up until now had no other choice. Warby Parker is the alternative.

Look at how cute they are…..


One of my favourite childhood boy groups was in Toronto last night- and I paid $35/ticket on Groupon to go see them.
Section 300- I wasn’t prepared to pay full price for a group that I felt perhaps at this age wasn’t worth it.
Well… I was wrong.
We arrived at the ACC and got upgrade down to the 100 section. Centre. Realizing once we got there that they had 2 stages. One at the front of the building and one right in front of me! OMG… Sssooo close!

Age has not affected this group- still prancing, dancing and removing clothes like 1990… *swoon

What made NKOTB so much fun is their interactive format- singing in the midst of the crowd. Running through the crowd from one stage to the other. Blowing confetti everywhere- such a great time!
Memories of my first concert ever in Grade 6 ( NKOTB- of course)



The handsome bald man strikes again…. Nothing Bundt Cake!

When a friend told me he was going to try and Fed Ex a cake from California to Toronto for his daughters 15th birthday I thought he was crazy… really- is it that good this cake? c’mon now..

When he figured out Nothing Bundt was actually opening a location in Burlington Ontario he was prepared to drive an hour to get his daughter this same cake… REALLY?

I am not a cake eater at the best of times- and I thought why the heck would someone drive an hour to get cake??

So we did the drive…. and BOOM!- If I am going to spend my calories on cake- THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I WILL DO IT FOR!

They come in 3 fun sizes:

Super mini ( Bundtinis)/Mini (Bundlets)/ Large.

 Nothing bundt super mini
nothing bundt individual

Super Mini ( Bundtinis) are just bigger then a timbit- but way more fun.
Mini ( Bundlets) is personal size.
Large ( 8″ or 10″) is for a partay!
Their signature frosting is made with velvety cream cheese & real butter. For a lighter touch- choose drizzle frosting.

The density and deliciousness of these cakes is not comparable- they blow everyone out of the water and worth the long drive to Burlington.
Best part: they can be frozen. Thawed aanddd taste exactly the same!!

This place is a must visit- and totally worth the drive!
After all the bald handsome man wasn’t crazy- I have driven a few times over an hour for cake! and totally worth it!

Harrys, Harrys, Harrys…


Let’s be honest- I am a dark haired woman of European desent- the hair removal strategy at the bets of times is almost a full time job.

YES I have looked into laser and at this time just not an option ( time wise or $$)- because it would take MANY MANY years to deal.

In my quest to find the best thing- a bald handsome friend used Harrys. I asked him why? Other then the cute grippy handle… WHY?

He said you should look em up- for the same price annually as buying razors and shaving cream at a local retailer- you are getting a far more superior blade- and their shaving gel lasts forever.


For just under $200/year- I signed up to get a bunch (8) of razors every 3 mths and 2 bottles of shave gel. ( that last forever FYI)

SHAVEPLAN:at$1.87USper blade-bestpriceforquality.

Leading Competitor: $4 per blade

TRUST ME: I did the calculation.

How much for brand name blades at Walmart ( 1 blade lasted 1 week for me) Harrys blades 1 blade/2 weeks.

How much for shaving cream ( that I was plowing thru weekly) VS Harry’s 2 bottles I get every 3 mths lasts FOREVER! I cant seem to run out- I have tried.


1) German blades: for anyone that knows what this means. This alone is the selling feature. Super sharp. Stay sharp. Even with everyday shaving. Everywhere.

2) The Handle: TRUMAN I own. “inspired by the design of fine pens & knives”. such a great colour. And the material of the handle itself is a grippy rubber. No slippin when wet!

3) Shave Gel: such a little amount is needed to go a LONG way!

4) the good news is payment is needed ONLY when package ships. You don’t have to commit upfront hundreds of dollars. So just like running to store to buy as you need. Same idea!

Only thing I wasn’t crazy about is shipping to Canada isn’t free like the US. Sad I know. But the best decision I have ever made.

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