Harrys, Harrys, Harrys…


Let’s be honest- I am a dark haired woman of European desent- the hair removal strategy at the bets of times is almost a full time job.

YES I have looked into laser and at this time just not an option ( time wise or $$)- because it would take MANY MANY years to deal.

In my quest to find the best thing- a bald handsome friend used Harrys. I asked him why? Other then the cute grippy handle… WHY?

He said you should look em up- for the same price annually as buying razors and shaving cream at a local retailer- you are getting a far more superior blade- and their shaving gel lasts forever.


For just under $200/year- I signed up to get a bunch (8) of razors every 3 mths and 2 bottles of shave gel. ( that last forever FYI)

SHAVEPLAN:at$1.87USper blade-bestpriceforquality.

Leading Competitor: $4 per blade

TRUST ME: I did the calculation.

How much for brand name blades at Walmart ( 1 blade lasted 1 week for me) Harrys blades 1 blade/2 weeks.

How much for shaving cream ( that I was plowing thru weekly) VS Harry’s 2 bottles I get every 3 mths lasts FOREVER! I cant seem to run out- I have tried.


1) German blades: for anyone that knows what this means. This alone is the selling feature. Super sharp. Stay sharp. Even with everyday shaving. Everywhere.

2) The Handle: TRUMAN I own. “inspired by the design of fine pens & knives”. such a great colour. And the material of the handle itself is a grippy rubber. No slippin when wet!

3) Shave Gel: such a little amount is needed to go a LONG way!

4) the good news is payment is needed ONLY when package ships. You don’t have to commit upfront hundreds of dollars. So just like running to store to buy as you need. Same idea!

Only thing I wasn’t crazy about is shipping to Canada isn’t free like the US. Sad I know. But the best decision I have ever made.


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