The handsome bald man strikes again…. Nothing Bundt Cake!

When a friend told me he was going to try and Fed Ex a cake from California to Toronto for his daughters 15th birthday I thought he was crazy… really- is it that good this cake? c’mon now..

When he figured out Nothing Bundt was actually opening a location in Burlington Ontario he was prepared to drive an hour to get his daughter this same cake… REALLY?

I am not a cake eater at the best of times- and I thought why the heck would someone drive an hour to get cake??

So we did the drive…. and BOOM!- If I am going to spend my calories on cake- THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I WILL DO IT FOR!

They come in 3 fun sizes:

Super mini ( Bundtinis)/Mini (Bundlets)/ Large.

 Nothing bundt super mini
nothing bundt individual

Super Mini ( Bundtinis) are just bigger then a timbit- but way more fun.
Mini ( Bundlets) is personal size.
Large ( 8″ or 10″) is for a partay!
Their signature frosting is made with velvety cream cheese & real butter. For a lighter touch- choose drizzle frosting.

The density and deliciousness of these cakes is not comparable- they blow everyone out of the water and worth the long drive to Burlington.
Best part: they can be frozen. Thawed aanddd taste exactly the same!!

This place is a must visit- and totally worth the drive!
After all the bald handsome man wasn’t crazy- I have driven a few times over an hour for cake! and totally worth it!


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