Cake, Cake, Cake Beauty…

nothin like smelling like sweet deliciousness all day long!
Cake Beauty is a proud Canadian owned beauty company that offers a delectable line of body product. ( Toronto based)

Cruelty free naturally driven product is every girls dream. No animal testing. 100% vegan.
On a personal note I have known Heather Reier for over 10 years and I still love her stuff- friend or not.
She personally tests and plays with formulas to ensure we are getting exactly what she envisioned.

After 10 years of using this stuff I feel like I can honestly tell ya its better then ever before this line.
Recently I grabbed a bunch of stuff- because I was going to have to buy it anyway at a large chain so why not Cake Beauty… and Heather has definitely NOT disappointed.

The Wave Maker: OMG. beach tousled hair in minutes. Doesn’t damage my hair. Non sticky. Don’t have to wash our everyday. Keeps the boys swooning (handsome bald man’s fave look) $19.00 CDN.
FYI: this comes in a travel size too!

The Locksmith Hydrating Dry Conditioner Spray: very necessary and fantastic. It’s literally a blow out in a bottle… no joke. Heather had actually posted her routine ( because FYI this Chiquita has epic hair)- and I follow it every night.
brush your hair out.
spray this deliciousness into it.
put your hair in a bun.
go to sleep.
BOOM! best hair I have had in my entire life. so easy, low maintenance and I look amazing. $19.00 CDN

Rollerball Eau de Parfum: small. throw in my purse. Refresher. a few different fragrances. $12.00 CDN.

The best part is after 10 years I am still excited and amazed there is always something new with this company.

cake body butter


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